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Please note that if certain rankings are missing, it means that the inspector who holds that rank has chosen to keep their points hidden.

Rank Inspector Points Percentile
3rd Waqar Quraishi 1,062,251 99th
4th Jeff Wicklander 191,382 99th
5th John Onofrey 129,599 98th
7th Frank Rotte 114,777 97th
8th Larry Frace 94,377 97th
9th Alfred Leo Pelletier, CMI 91,498 96th
11th Chris Currins 85,890 95th
12th Kevin Wood 84,990 95th
13th Robin Wells 83,153 94th
15th Russ Hensel 81,625 93rd
16th Robin Wells 80,182 93rd
17th Nathan Susdorf 77,494 93rd
18th Kevin Leonard 77,141 92nd
20th John DeBusk 73,960 91st
21st Gerald 72,881 91st
23rd Jeff Pope 72,124 90th
25th Samuel Sherman 69,664 89th
26th Steven Wisenbaugh 68,249 88th
27th Joe Burkeson 67,658 88th
29th Tim Spargo 67,113 87th
31st Ray 66,703 86th
32nd Marcel Cyr 66,366 85th
33rd Jeff Jonas 65,682 85th
34th Royal Goodman 65,244 84th
35th Rich Figliolo 65,217 84th
37th terry russell 65,130 83rd
38th Kris Hermiller 65,000 82nd
39th Peter F Cullari 111 64,770 82nd
40th Michael Mischke 64,586 81st
41st David Clayton 64,407 81st
42nd Steve Brooks 64,073 80th
43rd jonathan renaud 63,762 80th
44th John o 63,327 80th
45th LeRoy Holm 62,933 79th
46th Daniel Blankenship 62,711 79th
48th Alexander Khlystov 62,625 78th
54th Len Inkster 61,627 75th
55th Yuri Olhovsky 61,531 74th
56th MichaelClark 61,009 74th
58th Robert Gendreau 60,849 73rd
60th Sean Fogarty 60,385 72nd
61st Peter Weber 60,293 72nd
63rd Brian Shriver 59,708 71st
65th Jeremy Hess 59,405 70th
67th Emil Botezatu 58,910 69th
69th Wayne Wilson 58,589 68th
70th Robert Gendreau 58,485 67th
71st Keith 58,457 67th
74th frank ross 58,193 66th
75th Aaron D Millerbeards 58,184 65th
77th Alan Steinmetz 58,157 64th
78th Robin Shoberg 58,154 64th
79th Randy mayo 58,136 63rd
82nd Steve B 57,980 62nd
84th jeff gollaher 57,748 61st
85th Tim Madden 57,554 60th
87th Marc A. Goldenberg 57,476 60th
88th Brett A. Salinardo 57,308 59th
89th Charles W Wallace 57,139 59th
91st Joshua Lindner 56,459 58th
92nd John Jaggers 56,343 57th
94th Tommy Kirby 55,103 56th
96th Robert Jude 55,071 55th
105th Bob Tellier 53,803 51st
107th Nathan McGee 53,666 50th
110th Anthony Miceli 53,563 49th
113th Joseph Moxley 53,307 47th
114th Chris Vick 53,263 47th
116th Robert Dohm 53,086 46th
118th Duke Griffin 52,789 45th
122nd Ron Monaldi 51,974 43rd
123rd Dan Rometo 51,845 43rd
125th Brent Warner 51,730 42nd
126th Bruce M. Graham III 51,635 41st
129th David Nopanen 50,935 40th
131st Jeff Gorum 50,776 39th
134th Ron carter 50,328 38th
137th david abrham 49,412 36th
138th Thomas Breuker 49,040 36th
140th Garret Roberts 48,882 35th
141st elton wissner 48,707 34th
143rd Lee Curtis 48,586 33rd
145th Daniel Dodson 48,407 33rd
146th tim Kolb 48,339 32nd
147th Brent Davis 48,254 32nd
148th John Chick 48,228 31st
154th Bill Creech 47,412 28th
156th Kirk Dehn 47,197 27th
158th Gerald Kuier 47,149 27th
160th William Corbett 46,675 26th
161st Bryson Bumstead 46,541 25th
162nd Mark Brickhouse 46,515 24th
163rd Erik VanMeter 46,496 24th
166th Jeff Peck 45,938 22nd
167th John Dubbs 45,322 22nd
168th Gerald Winkels 45,011 21st
171st David Wolfe 44,890 20th
172nd Adam Hoefert 44,856 20th
173rd Robert Brucksch 44,702 19th
179th Doug Derr 44,057 16th
181st roger weller 43,457 15th
182nd Bruce 43,324 15th
184th Eric Wooley 43,176 14th
185th Michael Boggs 43,171 13th
186th Michael Marlow 43,156 13th
188th Anthony Whitmore 42,803 12th
191st Steven 42,312 11th
193rd David Eckert 41,410 10th
194th Brad Deppe 40,987 9th
207th Robert Wilson 17,838 3rd
208th wyatt weber 14,211 3rd
209th John Baker 11,628 2nd

Top Inspectors

Inspector Points
3. Waqar Quraishi 1,062,251
4. Jeff Wicklander 191,382
5. John Onofrey 129,599
7. Frank Rotte 114,777
8. Larry Frace 94,377
9. Alfred Leo Pelletier, CMI 91,498
11. Chris Currins 85,890
12. Kevin Wood 84,990
13. Robin Wells 83,153
15. Russ Hensel 81,625

If certain rankings are missing, it means that the inspector who holds that rank has chosen to keep their points hidden.